Belgium Torgny La Grappe d’Or

Reblogging this one as we had the luxury to go back for lunch with friends so more pics and more insights…


Fantastic experience at La Grappe d’Or!
Not one dish below expected high standards!
Great service with class and knowledge…
Nice atmosphere, beautiful deco in a superb location!
Impossible not to enjoy the place and the quality and creativity in your plates and glasses… Wines were original and did fit the dishes perfectly!

I highly recommend and stay in the B&B to end with fantastic breakfast!

Now we also tried the lunch and woaw, starters, rabbit, lamb, bream and a milk rice to die for! I will also mention the wine quality matching perfectly the dishes and a service that is still at its top…
We could also enjoy the garden for us to get the various starters and some champagne under a beautiful sun and the calm of the country side.

(apologies for the bad quality of the first pictures… please enjoy their website and I also edited the…

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