Chapter 56 Still on track with new pace?

As of early July, all is well… beside the fact I had an ear surgery to remove a tumor


but so far so good… this is not what worries me most… It just got painful when it woke up 10 hours after the surgery… guess what! It happened just the day before the warmest w-e so far and sweating with such a protection on the ear was really not convenient but bearable :-).

So that bit is now done… still hurts from time to time but all in all, nothing to complain about when you think that the tumor is now gone!

I hope that my scleroderma is really stabilizing as it looks under control even if sometimes I feel the induration of my skin but personally I think I am doing good!
Clearly the nurse can find my veins fine still for the photopheresis and treatment is going nicely.

About the diabetes, the diabetologist agreed that my long term sugar level is under control with current treatment and so we’ll meet again in 6 months! Not claiming victory but happy with this as the treatment so far excludes daily injections but a weekly one.

Looks like my yearly check-up went well as I did not hear back from the doctors till my quarterly visit where I just received the great news that I will now go for photopheresis on a bi-monthly basis which drastically increase my comfort of life but mainly shows a health improvement. I feel so good about this on the one hand but on the other hand, my current issues will remain as after effects…  but I know for years now that I will never fully recover… So be it and let’s keep enjoying life!

By the way I saw my doctors in the event I was advertising in Chapter 55 Photopheresis new pace first assessment and as you see below, we had great fun!


And much more here

I also had 2 great weeks in Houston: USA Houston multiple places (restaurants & others) and you may also have seen my posts about the PMI EMEA 2017 Congress in Rome:

and indeed a nice Week-end in Champagne and Burgundy.

And the opportunity to refresh:

Oooops also forgot a few new ones:

All this of course on top of my “business as usual” work 🙂

Let’s not forget that we also started our new Rotary Year:


So as you can see all is still going on and on a nice pace!

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