Chapter 59 Is the future as bright as planned?

Here we go, time to go through our first quarterly check-up. My new baseline has been explained in Chapter 58 Mixed feelings and 2017 look back as my photopheresis and my scleroderma are stabilized.

Nevertheless, even if:

  • Breathing test
  • Ophtalmology
  • Endocrinology
  • Dermatology

went really well, it happens that my pancreas made the decision not to wake up hence I now need insulin intake three times a day… We needed to react really quickly as my sugar level was far to high… 400 before breakfast! So the day after my test, I was back in the hospital to learn about this new routine to get control over my  diabetes

Some sees this as a major impediment to get 3 insulin shots a day with an insulin pen and it took a couple of hours to understand the routine and the main principles. Luckily the nurses and the diabetologist are really pedagogical as well and even if I hate needles 😉 it works easily! I must say that they deliver great help and take you by the hand to make you successful in taking care of yourself and get in charge of your own treatment!

On the other hand the hematologist confirmed that I am doing much better, my immunity is almost back but still restriction about visiting India, eating scallops, mussels or oysters so these are the great news.

So, the usual story of positive and less positive results but all in all my quality of life keeps improving and this is the most important!

Despite all this… I kept having a life! so since the previous chapter I did manage to discover new nice places:

For sure some of these were clearly nice experiences and still have my doubts about some others ;-).

I also kept working on the Rotary front of by leading Espoir en tête for my club and not only helping research for Alzheimer and Parkinson but also offering the opportunity to family-less children by watching A Wrinkle in Time before moving to Belgium Liège La Traviata to get pasta and pizza offered by my club and the restaurant.

A few pics to remember this quarter and keeping my fingers crossed for the next one!



Life can be short… let’s enjoy!


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