Japan Shibuya Han no Daidokoro Kadochika

We were going to Shibuya to see the crossing we always see when we get pictures from Tokyo and so made a point to eat local in the area…


Isabelle checked TripAdvisor and we picked the #1 choice for Shibuya and ended up asking the hotel desk to book for us for 19:30… all good except that our booking lasts till 19:50 after this our seats are gone!

Monorail all good, train all good then MAPS was confirming we can make it on time but gee we could not spot the place. Fortunately the locals are really nice and helped us, actually the fifth one gave us the accurate answer 😊. We arrived at 19:52 and the waiter nicely reminded us we are late but as we made an effort to still come and because “we rock” then he will give us a nice table and so did he!

Now I hear you… ok but what about the food???

Again, beef was prime quality closer to Wagyu than Kobe but tasty even well done… you cook it yourself but you also get all the needed advice to get cooked the way you like it. The vegetables delicious, ice Jasmin tea also top so for me a great moment in a nice atmosphere in a crazy location!

Now I understand why it is TripAdvisor #1 for Shibuya!

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