The Netherlands The Hague Zheng

This one is really close to our heart as it is the third time we booked an evening there and unfortunately we had to cancel twice in the last year. Isabelle was excited to try it and as we were going with good friends, it kind of a special event.

As you can see they have the luxury to have a nice terrace where we started our evening and got our first drinks and decided on what would be our menu for the rest of the day!

Obviously we are ready to have a good time and we made the call to go for the full experience i.e. Emperor’s Banquet the whole 9 chapters with pairing alcohol but to share i.e. 2 pairing for 4 people to stay on the safe side. Actually we almost spent 6 wonderful hours to stay in a great place eating fine Chinese dining food in cool company.

Actually after our first chapter we migrated inside as it was getting a bit chilly outside and this is what I saw getting in.

It is highly sophisticated and looking great and you can also see the kitchen that is downstairs. It is really nice atmosphere to enjoy the rest of the evening. All chapters are made of several delicacies and side dishes, usually 3 or 4 around a specific ingredient like pigeon, black angus, … so that you can have a variety of flavors about the same major topic.
The Chapter details are from the website while the pictures are mine and may not fully match due to dietary requirements :-).

Chapter 1: Sesame Noodles & Chilli | Enoki & Cucumber | Drunken Chicken | 5-Spice Beef Tendons & Quinoa

Chapter 2: Grilled Scallops | Scallops Carpaccio | Seaweed | Various Preparation of Tomatoes

Chapter 3: Dim Sum of King Crab King Krab, Gamba and Liver| Sea Urchin Tofu | Sea Urchin Caviar | River Lobster | Kimchi

Chapter 4: Skewers of Quail Breast Fillet | Sichuan Peppers Broth | Quail Leg| Salad of Pearl Cous Cous | Black Ear Fungus | Okra

Chapter 5: Abalone | Iberico Pork Belly | Razor Scallops | XO Sauce | Structures of Cauliflower

Chapter 6: Sea Bass | Lamb | Pearl Barley | Asparagus | Horse Radish | Soy Broth

Chapter 7: Anjou Pigeon | Structures of Shiitake | Parsnip | Multigrain Rice

Chapter 8: Black Angus Tenderloin | Veal Sweetbread | Chili | Structures of Carrots

Chapter 9: Vanilla Panna Cotta | Raspberries | Yoghurt|Basil | Jasmine

I think it speaks for itself! We had a culinary blast in a nice environment including a flawless service. We loved our 6 hours experience there and not one dish to complain about. It is authentic and delicious, sophisticated without exaggeration, I would say simply spot one!

Do not even ask me id I would recommend… it is a big yes but be also aware that it comes at a price for this menu as it is 99 euros/person without pairing alcohol. BUT it is definitely money well spent if you like Chinese cuisine. You can expect subtle tastes in beautiful china dishes and the waitresses will spend time to explain you what you are eating, where the recipes are from in China and the subtleties of each specific.

So yes a great experience! Go for it… might be my best The Hague experience in terms of Asian food.

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