France Honfleur La Ferme Saint Simeon

On our way to Britany, as Isabelle was driving, we stopped over in Normandy and my wife found this place… and based on their website, it was clear that we’d enjoy our time there…
As you know, I could barely walk these days and this place has been really great to enable my mobility.

The team

The room is spacious and I would say very equipped and with class. Nothing is missing but be careful when you book during summer, ask a room with built-in air-con because else you will end up with a mobile one that is really noisy and if you shut it down the room becomes a sweat box.

You are really close to the old port but as you see, it is quiet and it gives some level of calm and serenity. By the way there is also a view of Le Havre estuary and so the ocean.

No need to say… breakfast is a delight despite the fact that we don’t have the same definition of eggs Benedict but it is really just a detail.

Unfortunately you feel they are missing part of the staff and the ones who are present are under some stress to retain the quality of the service.
this is a nice Segway taking us to l’Auberge de la Source that is part of the same group and we visited on our way back. I would say you see/feel that you go from 5 to 4 stars…

But we did prefer the room here as the air-con is built-in and even more spacious i.e. it is quite subjective to say that this room is better than the first one even if the overall experience the St Simeon’s experience…

Clear difference here is the diversity of the buffet as you can compare… but the good news is that the products’ quality is comparable to the 5 stars…

Clearly nothing to complain about here. You are in the middle of nowhere, it is quiet and you can definitely enjoy having a drink in a beautiful place.

In both places you will get a nice and professional service and enjoy your stay and you can also look at the 1 star difference.
Promised, next time we try the restaurant in the 5 stars as it looks like it is worth it!

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