Belgium Sprimont Didier Galet – La maison des saveurs

I know we were there one month back but the new menu was looking great as you can see… foie gras, duck and a couple of generous desserts…

As you can imagine, there is no bad surprise and great food was delivered with a smiling service… I can only recommend the place if you are around!

By the way I organise an event there with Move for Children #M4C for #AEC to raise some funds in order to add to the project mentioned on the following page.

Click the picture to enlarge and contact me if you are interested
The team

Time to Providence a quick update with some pics of our latest menu and I can already tell you that we are planning to taste their new one ♥️.

It’s now time to show the great experience we had in our last couple of visits or with friends or simply Isabelle and I.
This post refresh will be all about looking at beautiful realisations from Didier Galet.

I will start with a variety of amuses that are simply a fantastic experience in itself… these are tasty looking great and demonstrating Didier’s creativity.

Now we can hit starters that are to die for and I remain objective…

Tomatoes, mozzarella and oil with herbs from the garden
cod medallion, cooked in chard leaf and lemon white butter
scallop carpaccio in walnut oil, pearls of raspberry vinegar, pumpkin salad and Brussels sprouts leaves
fish fillet depending on the market, bacon and cabbage, burnt onion jus

Now time to move to the main courses, just look at these and you will immediately be hungry 🤤

Seared foie gras with mushrooms from our forests, coconut beans
Holstein beef in 2 preparations. Pan-fried beef with soy juice, ginger and coriander. Bao brine and fermented
mallard fillet, beetroot juice and parsnip mousseline
Signature dish: venison fillet from our Ardennes in wine and liquorice powder, pear in wine, baby onion chutney, gingerbread crumble

I will always recommend cheese and dessert!

Cool variety of cheeses… a must

Just in case you made the call to choose cheese only, they will get you with the sweets coming with tea or coffee

Also some wine selection…

So as you can read, I am not letting this one go, it remains one of my top favorites in the region and worth being promoted by all means 😊

Here we go now that the lockdown is over… one of my favorite place is reopening and they have been kind enough to invite us to first their atmosphere revamp.
Indeed they modify the place to allow a better acoustic experience and also propose a great photos’ exhibit.
It does provide you a much better experience and cool visuals around you!

As you can see we have been well treated and it gave us the idea to book straight for Father’s Day o that we could enjoy a beautiful menu planned for the reopening!

Obviously the four of us were delighted to join and benefit from such a great menu and we were waiting for so long to come back, sit and simply enjoy great food together.

For sure you’ll need Google translate to help but is is about beef, trout, lobster, duck, foie gras, cheese and red fruit…

As you can see (enlarge the pics) it was diverse, fine, tasty, fresh, local, great atmosphere, service was at the same standard. For me one of my best experience in the area, no doubt about it!
Our hosts could make it as much special for us than it was for themselves coming back to life!
A huge Thank You to Christiane & Didier for this!

Nous y sommes… bien sûr nous avons profité plusieurs fois du take-away mais je me suis dit que partager nos plats de Noël et de Nouvel An pourrait vous donner l’eau à la bouche…
Il est clair que ce restaurant a rendu notre confinement et les restrictions supportables pendant tous ces mois. Le moins que l’on puisse faire c’est bien évidemment de les remercier pour ce service de grande qualité et des mets succulents.
Voici une avalanche de photos représentant l’enchantement de nos réveillons.

Maintenant vous comprenez mieux notre fidélité à cet établissement. Encore merci Didier et à très vite!

Et nous y voilà, comme promis le menu de la fête des pères à emporter…

Menu 40 €
Comme un gaspacho, et petits crustacés.
Le baby homard entièrement décortiqué, fleur de courgette farcie , jus de carcasses.
Déclinaison autour du cuberdon version 2.

Comme vous pouvez le voir, une nouvelle expérience réussie 😊, franchement un vrai plaisir!
Encore merci a vous tous pour votre amabilité et un service impeccable même dans ces circonstances!

Ne changeons pas une équipe qui gagne et voici encore un repas “confinement” qui a tenu toutes ses promesses…

Un tartare de boeuf, foie gras et truffes en entrée suivi du canard aux cerises fraîches et Kriek et finir avec une déclinaison autour du cuberdon!

Voilà encore un repas qui nous aide à sortir du quotidien…

A suivre très vite le menu fête des pères!

Un grand merci à toute l’équipe pour un repas de fête des mères digne de ce nom…

Le menu:

Parfait de foie  gras, petits  légumes sucré salé , brioche maison.


Composition de homard entièrement décortiqué en trois services :

Les pinces à la vanille bourbon /La bisque de homard au curry rouge

/ Le coffre en oliviade à l’huile de crustacé.


Composition  mascarpone et les fraises de la ferme blanche à Remouchamps

Les photos:

Vous vous doutez bien de mon commentaire! L’art de sauver le moment et de garder un sourire sur les visages dans ces moments difficiles!
Vraiment rien à redire, goûts, quantité, fraîcheur, cuissons, modus operandi et diversité… quoi de plus? Oh oui, bien sûr, un vrai plaisir et aussi merci pour l’accueil et le service!

Merci Didier, ce repas était impeccable et les recommandations parfait! Clairement une nouvelle belle experience et plus que jamais une référence dans la région.

On se revoit très vite.

Et voilà il est temps de parler des menus à emporter qui nous sont concoctés durant le confinement! Je n’ai pris aucune photos MAIS diable que c’était bon samedi soir!
Un peu de gastronomie dans ce monde brutal cela nous redonne confiance dans la vie!

Il faut réserver à l’avance mais cela vaut la peine! En plus le prix est très démocratique, 30 euros pour entrée, plat et dessert!

Personnellement maintenant je n’attends qu’une chose, le menu de la fête des mères avec homard et foie gras… (40 euros) moi j’ai déjà réservé pour nous cinq! Ne traînez pas.

Here we go our yearly Christmas family lunch 🥳 as usual we had a great experience for this 2019 event… They had a nice menu but most importantly the taste and freshness of our local products made a difference!

It was again a great experience… we were all happy on Christmas Day… as always, the service has also been flawless and enhanced even further our lunch!

As you could read earlier this week in Belgium Sprimont Huggy’s Bar a couple of colleagues from India visited me and I wanted to share with them our local meals… What could be the best address around for this purpose???

As you can see, still beautiful dishes with great quality fresh ingredients and top chef! So no surprises here, we were all delighted after such a meal! They use local suppliers like Belgium Fraiture Au Canard Gourmand or the local butcher for instance and the chef’s talent does the rest…

I also take the opportunity to thank the people doing the service as they are perfect!

Here we go… we are now in 2019 and time to celebrate my parents 81st and 84th birthdays and so we agreed to enjoy an evening together and close to home… and you will see that we have not been disappointed!

Nothing to complain about… another privileged moment that place 2 miles away from home. If you are in the region, of course do not hesitate to contact me but book a meal there… I recommend… all you see in that video is less than 100 euros per person, for sure money well spent!

So what about our Christmas 2018 experience???

As you can see in this little video, the whole family had a real blast and no doubt this place remains one of the best in the region :-). The dishes have been not only delicious but made with care and great respect of the local ingredients and reaching a top level in terms of taste.

The pairing wines were also a good match and with the right volume which allows a nice experience and great quality time.

They did manage to get us a nice table in a separate room which provides some feeling of exclusivity and they served us with a smile as you can see and as it is a family business it was top to see the kids participating and it made us enjoying even more our Christmas lunch… you may expect an update of this post later in the year and i may guess before Christmas!

Time to refresh this post by adding new pics and of course a testimonial based on our Christmas 2017 experience… On top of my usual diet constraints, my young son had a jaw surgery i.e. all for him had to be mixed or liquid…
Guess what, they have been fantastic and assured a great experience for my son as well so the 6 of us could really enjoy all the dishes!

So again a strike from our local chef! Job really well done.

I must say that having that place 2 miles away from home is great… We are not going too often as we like, as you know, trying new places but we try to taste their new menus once in a while.

Shame on me to be so late talking about this nice restaurant… look below at the fine dishes served there…

As you can see, we are here in a fine food and gastronomic restaurant with high standards service and top quality fresh ingredients. I have never been disappointed there but also never been really surprised.

It is a perfect place for a “non risky” tasty evening with friends, no doubt you will like it and so at a reasonable price for the experience! You will also get wines matching your courses easily. So a good place to try if in the region… We may cross path there 🙂

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