Chapter 14 Hmmm holidays season

Year end, always a good moment to look back, right?

Being a positive guy, I would say that it was, all considered, a good year! I am so blessed to have a great family that supports me through the rough recovery exercise and a fantastic job with understanding colleagues. I keep thinking that whatever happened to me I can still consider myself lucky when you look at all the misery in the world.

So yes 2012 was a really positive year and kind of a stable year from a health perspective. In this case, status quo is not such a bad deal! Unfortunately this may also go in the wrong direction… This New Year Eve has been spent in my bed and moved to the ER on January first.

Since I went for my first bleeding complemented with antibiotic aerosol, I felt weaker every day and ended up blocked at home with some fever. The fever was gradually increasing reaching 38 degrees on the 31st but never reached 38 meaning straight to the ER. Never mind, my wife called the haematologist who confirmed I’d better come ASAP to the hospital.

Guess what, he was right, after few exams they realised I have a right lung infection I.e. broncho-pneumonia and this, having weak immunity, is fairly serious as my body can’t fight against the infection. They also could quickly determine that it is not a mushroom nor a virus but a bacteria. On the other hand, I had my infection level steadily decreasing as I had four perfusions per day of antibiotics to kill the bacteria.

Really mixed feelings being there in my room… On the one hand it was great to feel like “being in good hands” and handled by friendly faces (some nurses still remembered my long stay in 2009/2010, it was great to talk about that with them (good old time syndrome I guess). This was supported by positive progress in terms of infection level decrease.
On the other hand, being in the hospital, linked to a perfusion, people with masks, tests battery, early wake-up for blood test, etc… did not give me a great feeling as it is waiting, watching TV and my VPN connection did not work I.e. limited access to work environment (frustration).

Good news, after 7 days of antibiotics they released me but not before having a bleeding that killed my whole day. I always feel so weak after that but it is necessary to lower my iron level and improve my liver gamma GT marker. Hopefully I am now back on track and after a few days to rest well and be fit Monday to resume my activities.

I hope that 2013 will be better than its first eight days and that I’ll keep enjoying every single day and have fun!

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  1. Hi Serge. Good to hear from you again. I read it was a difficult and critical period, but I am glad for you and your family you have recovered and are back home again. Take your rest and looking forward talking to you next week. Eugene

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