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For this one, I was with a couple of colleagues and we were going for some quick shopping in The Galleria and of course it was dinner time as well. We ended up in a place where one of the colleagues had already experienced… Fig & Olive is an Italian restaurant with some interesting dishes.

I could see this almost as a fusion between Italian cuisine and bistronomic French type of plates. Even if the place looks good and the service was impeccable and I can’t complain about the quality, I am missing a “soul” in the experience…

You can feel that you are in a shopping mall and even if it looks or pretends to be high-end, the goal is still to get volume and they miss the customercentric approach and helping us to be on a culinary journey with them!


So I would suggest you go there when you do your shopping and you want to taste some good food but do not expect an experience per se and no need to do a detour to visit…

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