Japan Odawara Hilton

This hotel was at the right place with the right services for my wife to relax with spa and hot springs and also close to Hakone to do the tour.

Mr. Aziz was aware of our arrival (thanks to Alex from Japan Odaiba Hilton) and we could benefit from an upgrade that was definitely worth it as you can see below, including access to the Ocean lounge.

That hotel is a pure family resort with all you need for the whole family; swimming pools in and outdoor, driving range, table tennis, karaoke, amusement, you name it. This was great for us as it is mainly local people staying there and less “business” hence you won’t e.g. get a full serviced Executive Lounge but as a Diamond member I did get a fantastic service and appreciated what the hotel can deliver.

Let me also highlight the food both in restaurant or in room… good quality nothing to complain about and top notch service!

Thanks to all for this flawless stay and Mr. Aziz great advice around best managing our time with a typhoon next door!

We loved our time in Hilton Odawara and recommend with no restriction.

Categories: Food&Fun

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