About Me



Enterprise Programme Manager and Senior Practitioner Lead


Works in major global initiatives since 1999.
Owner, Moderator and Founder of SdB+ Forum and this blog.
Keeps looking for global challenges and learning different cultures, ways of working, approaches…
Goal: to keep myself outside of my comfort zone.

Sentence to define me:
“I’ve never had the luxury of knowing what the heck I’m doing.”

I utilise strategic thinking skills and also provide a hands on style to deliver world-class products and services. I manage uncertainty and make decisions with incomplete or conflicting data. I understand implications beyond the immediate and develop an ability to look beyond the hill but yet focus on action. I am well known for my drive, resilience, sincerity, openness and self-awareness.I leverage my interpersonal skills to influence others and get the targets achieved. I am a strong team player and leader that sets clear targets based on high standards and realistic objectives.

– Audit
– Programme & Project management
– Service Management
– 3rd party management
– P&L management
– Consulting
– Risk Management
– Planning and Control
– Change Management
– Negotiation
– End to end and integration management
– Leadership
– Team working and leading (incl. virtual teams)
– Sales skills
– Business Process Improvement
– I speak French, Dutch, English, basic German and understand Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

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