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Enterprise Programme Manager and Senior Practitioner Lead: mailto:info@sdb-plus.com(opens in a new tab)


Works in major global initiatives since 1999.
Owner, Moderator and Founder of SdB+ Forum and this blog.
Keeps looking for global challenges and learning different cultures, ways of working, approaches…
Goal: to keep myself outside of my comfort zone.

Sentence to define me:
“I’ve never had the luxury of knowing what the heck I’m doing.”

I utilise strategic thinking skills and also provide a hands on style to deliver world-class products and services. I manage uncertainty and make decisions with incomplete or conflicting data. I understand implications beyond the immediate and develop an ability to look beyond the hill but yet focus on action. I am well known for my drive, resilience, sincerity, openness and self-awareness.I leverage my interpersonal skills to influence others and get the targets achieved. I am a strong team player and leader that sets clear targets based on high standards and realistic objectives.

– Audit
– Programme & Project management
– Service Management
– 3rd party management
– P&L management
– Consulting
– Risk Management
– Planning and Control
– Change Management
– Negotiation
– End to end and integration management
– Leadership
– Team working and leading (incl. virtual teams)
– Sales skills
– Business Process Improvement
– I speak French, Dutch, English, basic German and understand Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

Move for Children

Support me funding this blog and collecting money for Move for Children. (all money coming frim this effort will go to projects helping children. You may buy as many times 5 Euros as you wish :-).


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