USA Houston Bistro Provence

This one has a story behind it… nothing about the restaurant itself but… there is a reason why this one!

It happened on an early Sunday morning having breakfast at USA Houston Embassy Suite Energy Corridor and I see someone that looks like an old friend I used to work with when I was in audit and indeed I was right… Olivier was with me in the line to get some toasts!

We had a great conversation as veteran can have about a common assignment and reminding all the nice and less nice audits/colleagues and audits we ran. So after that breakfast we agreed to meet in the evening for a meal in the area.

We had a nice ride in my rental (yellow V8 convertible Camaro) and did find underway this place with a name that is talking to us, Olivier is french, and we stop to look at the menu and it looked like appealing!

Indeed small place, nice atmosphere and we ordered simple dishes to test the quality of both the cook and the food itself… Even if the service was average (still waiting for a smile) we had a really good surprise in our plates with simple but efficient cuisine and Olivier also confirmed the wine was also up to standards for this meal.

So in short if you are around the Energy corridor go sideways and visit this place, you will be delighted to eat authentic dishes!

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