Belgium Liège Rouge du Poivre

Time to refresh this post with a new visit taking us through the Discovery menu during a great fellowship dinner… The restaurant is still at its best, the owner makes you feel special and the food is still fantastic…

No doubt that if you are after an affordable gastronomic restaurant in that part of the town… it is the “go to” place…

Here is a little slideshow to express my gratitude to the team!

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Here we go, a real great surprise in a location I would never visit otherwise!

You may remember we visited Belgium Waremme Noir du Poivre and this is the same owner/chef in more fashionable place, the stadium of the local Belgian Pro-League team. No need to explain I am not a football fan nor a supporter of that team but this is definitely not the point.


As the video tells you, it is a top experience even better than the one in Waremme with nice service, nice wine, dishes being more sophisticated and tasty! We enjoyed a perfect evening there (I do recommend the lobster) and they have special menus on Monday evenings and also decent prices for lunches…

Not only the quality of the service but also what is served is outstanding and is worth the detour… and as we say “no parking – no business”, they have plenty of opportunities to do business there 🙂 just let it go, pick your food and let them pair the wines and spend the evening or the lunch getting good vibes.

Do not hesitate if you are in Liège but book your table in advance! And be ready for a good experience at a reasonable price :-), you won’t be disappointed!!! Sure you will enjoy the experience.

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