Spain Figueres La Tagliatella and Dali Museums

The purpose of the visit in Figueres was to go to the Dali Museum but let’s work chronologically and start with the restaurant we could find 200m away of the museum and 100m away from the parking space.

The restaurant is ideally located as it is indeed close to the most valuable attraction in the city… I must say that we have been nicely surprised by the quality of the food (check below) but I still wonder why the pizzas arrived almost when the pasta was up i.e. almost 20 Minutes difference.

Now that we are done with our lunch, we could go to the museum and really appreciate what Dali could deliver as art and madness… I also recommend visiting this museum, it is worth going there.

This is a full experience but it only goes if you understand better where Dali used to live and what he liked to have in his environment…

Hope this completes the experience of that Dali day we had around Girona before going back to Spain Llagostera Els Tinars where we ate the second half of the menu and so have it all visible in my blog!

I must say that our Girona experience including:

Spain Girona Mas Tapiolas

Spain Llagostera Els Tinars

Spain Girona El Celler de Can Roca

Spain Peratallada El Pati

Spain Girona L’Estrella Del Mar

was a great week and we all enjoyed it to the full… and I hope these posts may help you

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