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Yes I know it becomes now more than a ritual when we get friends from abroad but after having gone through the Escalier de Bueren:

We went again to L’Industrie to give our friends a taste of Liege:

And as usual the whole crowd was happy… a job well done again!!!

Ok we did it again with Indian colleagues this time 😉 after visiting Belgium Sprimont Huggy’s Bar and Belgium Sprimont Didier Galet – La maison des saveurs we made the call to go back to our local shop in Liege where else can you be more authentic???

and as always, it did the trick 🙂 all happy bunnies before jumping in the train back home… good to have such references around us 🙂

I always go there when I do get folks from abroad so it is definitely not my first time but it is always a delight to go for their “classics” as you can see in the pics below.

It does not only look good it does even taste better! The food quality is high, all fresh and they cook it with generosity! On top of this there is a nice service with a smile and no flaws!

Be aware that you have to pay cash! No cards allowed!

Despite this little issue (ATM 50m away from the place) I really recommend the restaurant if you want to eat truly Belgian food and get a taste of my hometown!

Oooops almost forgot to mention about the beers!!! Great variety and you will for sure find your happiness and get one matching your dishes 🙂

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