Morocco Marrakesh La Sultana

La Sultana has been the chosen one from my wife to visit Marrakesh and even if I had my doubts, as soon as I entered the place, I realised I was wrong!
As we arrived, the suite was not ready yet and they took us to the roof top where we had our first lunch and just that offered us a superb view on the city.
The next step was to check our room, our luxury suite as you can see below… it was a duplex including 2 bedrooms and 2 interior terraces over the restaurant and swimming pool.
Superb set-up great room service and house keeping… worth the 5 stars!

Now that you enjoyed the suite, let’s have a look at the hotel itself… it is all about quietness, luxury and comfort… there is absolutely no stress at all there and the personnel is definitely there to help you enjoying a quality stay as well.
Trust them when you want to book a visit e.g. Majorelle garden, they can provide you with a fast track access i.e. gain of 1 hours to get in… they will also give you hints and tips in terms of prices and places to avoid or go to.
They helped us booking our 1 day in the Atlas trip and also define what palaces and musea to visit… more than useful, the concierge service and particularly the concierge head made our stay a delight!
She also find us the table we wanted for the New Year party so that we had some intimacy during the meal and the show.
We even asked one of the concierges to go negotiate spices we were bringing back for colleagues and friends…

Kudos to that team for a job really well done!

Ok then, guess what… yes, there is food 🥳😂
what you see below is a mix of room service, restaurant, roof top brasserie and New Year meal…
The quality is really high, all fresh and well cooked! No need to say that the service is also at the same standard than the rest of the hotel services i.e. high!
Even if you don’t stay there, do not hesitate to use their restaurants…

I can only highly recommend the place if you want to get local luxury option i.e. not going to a European type place but enjoy being pampered far away from home 🙄… if in Marrakesh… go for it!

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