My foodie and hotel world!


For more than 15 years I am now traveling around the world both professionally and with the family. I have had the luxury to visit many places and enjoy lots of experience in more than 50 countries…

This means that I could visit hotels, B&Bs and restaurants of all kinds from the 3 stars Michelin places to the little place around the corner…

The posts related to this experience do not intend to rank the places but simply reflect my experience. I may also go back in time and may not be relevant anymore if it is referring to years back nevertheless it still impacted me and I will give you my feeling even if since then the place disappeared, improved or declined… I will also of course let you know the year I have been there last.

I hope you like this new  topic and will share with me if you concur or disagree and maybe provide some good idea of new places to visit.



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