USA Houston Café Brussels

For this one, let’s be clear, this one was a blast!

I am Belgian and could not believe what one of my Texan colleague told me: trust me there is a typical Belgian restaurant in the outskirts of Downtown and it is all authentic…

Yeah right… go try me was my comment back to him and YES look the pics below

Actually this is a lady from Brussels who brought typical Belgian recipes and clearly she masters that part!

I really had the feeling to be back home and almost eating with family as these are authentic dishes that i enjoyed with my colleagues.

The cherry on the cake is that they have real trappiste type of Belgian beers like Orval, Kwak, etc…on top of our best sellers like Stella, …

I was really positively surprised and can only recommend if you wish to to get a taste of Belgium in Texas and so without having chocolates!

My only bemols, the shrimp croquettes could have more shrimps and be less dry and would be so great to get mussels as we do them in Belgium in the pan and chips on the side :-)!

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