USA Houston Ciro’s Italian Grill

Ok another interesting one… I should have known better, I know! So, I guess you get the spirit of this blog entry ;-)…

I was there with a few colleagues and when you get there, you understand you come into a barnum that looks like everything but an Italian place (if you ever been in Italy).


The Italian Nachos (only in Houston, Texas) gives it away, right?

Look at the pics and you will quickly realise how poor the dishes are being proposed on your plate (not increasing your appetite for sure), The quality is average to remain nice and the service close to inexistant.

The size was really too much and guess what… no one requested a doggy-bag, I still wonder why! The worst was the ice-creams… I would call these a real disgrace… 2 scoops from which I only tasted one coffee spoon…

Ok, I was not expecting The USA Houston Quattro but it is not any better than Birraporetti’s in USA Houston multiple places (restaurants & others)

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