Japan 25th wedding anniversary Day 4 Asakusa and Skytree

Here we go, another heavy day ahead but so excited to visit one beautiful temple and also visit the world highest communication tower: The Skytree. we started with a little cruise to take us from Odaiba to Asakusa showing another face of Tokyo which is somewhat different but still as appealing as the one you have already seen.

Once is Asakusa, we did visit the famous temple and market… we were there on a Sunday i.e. it was really busy but still…. well organised… we had a lot of fun visiting and were amazed to see so many kimonos.

As Isabelle was craving for sushis, we took then the opportunity to go to a typical sushi bar and she had a blast!

We had to make a call just after lunch on how to best go to the Skytree… on our way to the temple we saw lots of rickshaws and so agreed to use one for 30 minutes and we have been lucky with our runner as not only he was fun, strong but also made cool pics… we appreciated that trip!

Now another highlight of our trip, The Skytree… really fast elevator… 600m/minute but eventless with 40 people inside. As you can see here below, unbelievable view of Tokyo from there. After Dubai, Paris, Toronto, Kuala Lumpur and Taipei, I could not escape from visiting this one ;-).

9.5 Km walked but what an experience! you can also find some nice videos on my Facebook account… See you for Day 5.

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