Japan 25th wedding anniversary Day 3 Imperial Palace, Ginza and Shibuya

Day #2 was 9km so day #3 was 12.6km and most of it also in a place where there is no shadow to be found… the imperial palace is a huge surface and so walking around to check some gates is tiring and quite frustrating as little to no access is granted. Nevertheless it is beautiful and the huge spaces are really impressive!

We also took the opportunity to eat at La boutique de Joël Robuchon in Marunouchi and cool experience at the 32 Michelin stars chef..,

To digest a bit we made a tactical move to Ginza where we went to the Nissan Crossing… and the Kabuki-Za, unfortunately, no way to get a ticket for the entertainment itself!

After moving back to the hotel to get a shower and relax 30 minutes we moved to Shibuya to get dinner and look at the famous Shibuya crossing and enjoy the atmosphere…

We had dinner at the Han no Daidokoro Kadochika you can just enjoy the feelings by watching these videos as it is really worth the detour..



Believe after such a day we were glad to go to bed and get ready for day #4…

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