Germany Heidelberg Kulturbrauerei

I had the opportunity to go for a conference in Walldorf and we have been staying in Heidelberg in this hotel/restaurant/brewery where I did stay for one night.

As you know, usually when I go to Heidelberg I stay in the Crowne Plaza as described in Our road-trip to Dubrovnik and this time, bold move, to a typical place…

If you are looking for a nice romantic dinner, run away 😉 it is a huge restaurant with a lot of seats and it is really noisy but the food was lovely and tasty… the service was excellent if you see that they were serving hundreds, yes hundreds of customers at the same time!

You have also seen in the small video the rooms… these are functional, clean and easy access. So nothing to complain about as long as you accept the idea that you are not in a hotel chain but in typical local hosting. The main issue, I think, is the parking as they only 8 parking places and the only other opportunity is a public parking.

Considering breakfast being part of the hotel service, the buffet served in the kitchen is fit for purpose, relevant variety for such an hotel and good service. So all good on that front as well.

So to be clear, a good experience and I recommend it if you are around!

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