Chapter 62 Moving to the next level

As you may have realized since my post Sweet Chapter 60, indeed even if my GvH is leaving me alone for the time being (keeping my fingers crossed), my diabetes is now a permanent part of my life and confirmed by my specialist!

That changes the rhythm of my visits to my hospital, indeed I now have to visit my diabetologist on a quarterly basis to re-evaluate how to best adapt my treatment to cope with my “crazy” life and get a best fit possible.

Now that we stabilized, we move to the next step i.e. bring the sugar level down a notch by changing the type of insulin and giving the opportunity to be more in control and being able to mimic what my pancreas would have done if still working!

On that note, if you remember in Chapter 61 Long due!, I mentioned that I got the green light to visit my team in Bangalore and that is a great victory for me to hear my hematologist telling me that I may fly again to India! That means to me that I am getting closer to normal i.e. I have to live with what remains from my scleroderma and a diabetes that I have to get under control and keep going with my new body but keeping being positive!

And guess what, I have been there twice in two months and it all went well as I have fantastic colleagues who took well care of me and made sure I could stay safe from an immunity perspective! Let me share again the video I made for India Bangalore Blue Terrain as it displays fellowship more than two paragraphs 😉

So yes, it all went well on that front and had also the opportunity to visit some other nice places in the office area:

You know me by now and as you can imagine I also enjoyed some other places as well since Chapter 61 Long due! for instance I enjoyed some nice food in The Netherlands The Hague Thai Signature and The Netherlands The Hague Ristorante Sapori D’Italia.

I of course also took the opportunity to visit some all good classic places allowing me to refresh my posts… The Netherlands The Hague Tanta RobaBelgium Liège Le Mekong and of course Belgium Liège La Traviata.

I can only say one thing: I am a blessed man and I have the luxury to have an environment at all levels that supports me and makes my life such a nice experience… My next update will come in a couple of months when i will have the results of my diabetes treatment evolution, the full yearly check-up and my visit to my hematologist… in the mean time, i should visit London, Heidelberg and Dublin… so check my Facebook 😉 if you want the live feed 😀

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