Italy Siena Hilton La Bagnaia

Ok here it becomes a bit more difficult…
So this one we booked for four nights to visit Siena and its surroundings. I encourage you to look at the website to get a baseline in mind!

Let’s start with the hotel itself and the breakfast!
Being Diamond for 9 years now and they did not give us any upgrade… let’s assume none available in this period so I can understand but we got a small room with view on an internal backyard with a ping-pong table and barely enough space to unpack! Not even talking about the shower where I could not move too much and a flush that was poorly working!

Fortunately the view outside is great and the way they revamped this old village is top and the swimming pool area is also a great place to spend time and we were staying it was almost 2Km away from the main road i.e. no noise whatsoever and peaceful nights.

I am a golf player and they have a beautiful course but I have not seen anyone playing… but it was so warm outside that it is hard to play under these conditions.

The breakfast was average… nothing outstanding and unable to cook eggs properly and so I ended up eating hard boiled eggs as they failed their omelets and fried eggs 🙁 for the rest lots of pies and cakes but is that what you eat at breakfast??? Get your basics right first.

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Ok now let’s try to talk a bit about food… I will be clear… La Voliera is not worth going down the staircase… the menu is really small, the service is soso and the taste is nothing special… only the soup stood out, the rest was just ok and the dessert below average!

The best food we had in the hotel was at the other side of the road at La Filetta where we could get pizzas that were delicious by the way but that part of the hotel is near the main road and is really noisy… I pity the customers staying there…

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So in all transparency, our stay was fine as we were away the whole day leaving at 07:30AM and back after dinner but not sure they will see me again there… I would have expected better treatment and more consideration and quality in food, accommodations and service…

Nevertheless I would like to highlight the great work Salvatore the concierge who has been fantastic in advising us on what to visit, where to eat and did some of the bookings! Great job!

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