Italy Volterra Enoteca Del Duca

I would like to start with thanking my Rotarian friend Max who gave me some addresses and visits to do in Tuscany but really specifically for this restaurant.

We started really early morning visiting San Gemignano to make sure we could hit Volterra to have a table in Enoteca Del Duca where we could get a table in the garden where even if you are in a touristic medieval city you end up sitting in a gem where you will be pampered for a couple of hours!

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As just mentioned you could also see the pics with how we were treated at the back of the restaurant in a nice atmosphere and charming deco and a matching service.

This is what here now define as bistronomic but they raised it as an art! All dishes were simply delicious, not one single mistake here and a great experience…

We were, as usual, a bit suspicious to fall in a touristic trap but hell no… do not hesitate, go there, they are unbeatable in terms of costs vs. quality ratio… all you see there for less than 100 euros for two people.

Even if no Michelin star on the wall, it is definitely worth a detour!

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