Italy San Felice Ristorante Poggio Rosso

That one was clearly our most expected appointment from a gastronomic perspective… I booked it six months before to make sure we had a table! This was great to realise we had nice weather and that we could enjoy the terrace and the nearby swimming pool.

I made the call to use a slideshow here as I made a lot of pictures to best reflect the great experience we had here… We started under the sun and finished late going through the discovery menu that made us travel in the chef’s universe for four hours and it was a privilege to have him coming to our table and have a chat with us!

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For this year it was our 7th Michelin star and I would say what a star… just as a reminder about this year:

and we are not done for 2019 yet!

Let’s come back to this experience that was, no doubt, one of the best ones and having been in Italy Siena Hilton La Bagnaia even if I am a Hilton boy, I may go to San Felice instead (hope you checked my post about the winery visit on Facebook) as they did the same concept i.e. buying a village and convert it for hostelry and business… but this one is definitely higher end!

So let’s talk about the surroundings… as mentioned we are in a village converted into a winery and an hotel… it is in the middle of the countryside and going there is kind of traveling in a postcard…


The service was top and of high quality, flawless, with a smile and not too present and available when needed, in one word: perfect! The pianist was playing standards and was discrete while installing a comfy atmosphere outside and it is not always that easy ;-).

Now that you could look at the pics… you have to admit that the visual impact of each dish is just great and unfortunately I can’t share the flavours and the smells but I can tell you it is at the same level! Not one dish could be singled out as being below standard… all of them were just above my expectations and these are getting higher and higher!

I can only recommend you to go there and also mention of course that you can also get the local wines with the menu but we didn’t as I was driving and anyway we had a blast… It is by the way also important to mention that this experience comes at a price… you may count around 150 euros per person without wine BUT it is money well spent!!!

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