Italy Siena Ristorante Bagoga

Here we go… Siena, one of our highlights and for sure as I hope you could check on Facebook, we had fantastic visit of the city and as Salvatore the concierge from Italy Siena Hilton La Bagnaia we visited this restaurant.

This is what I like, even if in a touristic place, you can find an authentic restaurant that does local food with talent and even if it is definitely a gastronomic experience, it offers the opportunity to eat casual good quality food and this one did not disappoint us.

You can look at the pics and realise that it is not an fancy place but the atmosphere is nice, the service was with a smile even if English was not really spoken there but we found ways to understand each other… I also would like to highlight that price was really reasonable and that we had a light lunch for a reason but that you will read in my next post as it is about Ristorante Poggio Rosso!

Don’t miss that one!


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