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I was supposed to get my parents in The Hague that w-e and so i booked that place as i enjoyed it the first time and I wanted to be risk free so that we could go for a nice lunch.

I must say they have been accommodating as we came only Isabelle and myself instead of 4. On the other hand, it looked like I privatised the restaurant as we ended up being alone.

Nevertheless we had good food we could selfishely like and spend great quality time!

So as you could see, it is still a nice experience and I had nothing to complain about whatsoever… and all you see there still at a reasonable price (60ish euros/pp).

A colleague of mine wanted to take me out in a place not far away from the office and we agreed to try a place we did not know about and here you go we have chosen Savarin

We really enjoyed our evening there… the atmosphere was cool and relaxed and also sophisticated with a nice service and a menu that is diverse and displaying great options.


As you can see in the video, the courses were really well structured and important to mention they were also tasty. The price was reasonable for the quality served and they even accepted me to two starters and a dessert instead of starter, main and dessert! That did show some flexibility as well…

Important also to mention that it is easy to find and to get a parking spot and of course, based on the wine cellar we have seen, good that they have an hotel next door so that you can also enjoy a wine selection to enrich the food experience as well!

Definitely a place I recommend for a middle range gastronomic restaurant…


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