The UK London Double Tree West End

It happens that The UK London Hilton Euston is not compliant from policy perspective and then I go to this hotel which is still part of Hilton group and on the same street I.e. both convenient to go to work.

As you can see below the rooms are sizeable (after upgrade 😉) and the service is also ok… what I don’t like there is the fact that you have long corridors which are not really wide and the lifts are kind of strange and slow meaning really narrow and I would not feel comfortable if there is a fire alarm…

I also need to talk about the restaurant. It has a decent selection of food and I must admit that I was not disappointed but my expectations were also low… nevertheless I enjoyed my dinners there and for sure I’ll be back there soon. Some pics about the food.

So if you are in London, sure you can stay there and you’ll enjoy the pleasure of being near the city center and have a nice place to stay in. Do not hesitate.

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