Belgium Liege Ristorante Enoteca

I got back in touch with a friend I had not seen for 35 years and we agreed to meet there… I previously tried to get there but without booking and so was unsuccessful 😔

Concept is simple, one single menu with or without pairing wines and taking dietary restrictions into account.

The quality of the food was nice, the service up to par and delicious atmosphere as it is not noisy, we can have a conversation without having to shout and all is made for you to feel comfortable. Also to highlight part of the kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant.
I would suggest to book a table at the back, it is even quieter.

The price is reasonable taking into account all the nice comments I just made 😉. Do not hesitate to book a table there if you are in Liege area… that would be a good idea if you like Mediterranean cuisine.
Also keep in mind it is in the city centre hence plan time to get a parking space.

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