Chapter 12A Iron Man

Do not worry about the numbering, the people who knows me closely will understand as the next one will be 14 🙂 . We are also reaching a milestone with the blog as we did hit the 10,000th visit 🙂 really happy that people are reading all the posts including the ones about Project Management, Audit for projects, specific MBA analysis and not only the ones about me :-). I think it is not too bad in one year time… Therefore I would like to start by thanking the ones who are supporting this blog and also sending me nice comments and this helps me a lot to keep up the fight. Restarting a social life through club service and having people at home for dinner improves my quality of life tremendously and makes me feel kind of going back to normal and this is good!

Just back from my monthly visit and it is ok all things considered… I was amazed by one fact though. Now that my hemoglobin level is good enough, I am ready to go for monthly blood removal to decrease the iron level as it is high due to the multiple transfusions I have been through when I was hospitalised. I thought that this process ceased existing after the middle-age but obviously it did not and so every month for at least one year I’ll give blood to be destroyed…

I think this time the update is going to be short as all is still going as planned… The whole thing now to get rid of the cortisone and immunosuppressive drugs is checking whether the Gamma GT level will drop when we decrease the iron level and that I also lose some weight so that we can confirm that the GVH is not hitting my liver. Guess what, this w-e I’ll go and buy a home trainer to revitalise my legs’ muscles and get more exercise to speed this process up, this can only be good stuff and get back to a healthier state… Baby steps…

I am so happy today to get Malaysian friends from the Rotary Club of Pantai Valley as I still may not go back there, it is so good to see my friends visiting me in my little village. My next update Will be next year In 2012A (LOL), till then, I’ll publish about Project and Service Management. Please do not hesitate to send me your comments and I wish you all the best for the coming year and looking forward to keeping sharing with you all!

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