Chapter 18 A typical 4 weeks

2 weeks at home, 1 week in NL and 1 in Houston… Looks like a great test for me to manage my glycemic level.

Week 15 2013: let’s start with one week in lovely The Hague. We can say lovely, the weather is fantastic and I’ll spend most of the time in Scheveningen for diverse meetings :-). I must admit there worse places to be. From a health perspective, all is still ok so far and I try to mobilise myself as much as possible, decrease the amount of sugar and feel good about it! I truly hope that this will fruitful and visible in my next appointment with my haematologist early May.
It is so good to feel like you can walk some distance again, even if hard but at least I can without feeling dead after 20 meters… My week in NL was a really good one and even if I woke up every single day at 3AM I could go back to sleep after getting some work done :-). Not really an issue as I go to bed early…

Week 16 2013: one week at home to recharge batteries and get ready to one more week in Texas. Hopefully trend will be confirmed. I am currently trying to walk more and get healthier through diet so that I lose weight and feel better. It is such a good feeling to feel good! I know it sounds cheesy but when you come from far away it is really strange as after more than 3 years you tend to forget how life, from a “how i feel” perspective, was before cancer. I re-enrolled for a golf season, building our 20th wedding anniversary US trip, etc… This is great to feel alive and being able to work on some private projects with the family!
Bad luck this Friday… My teeth being still weak I have two of these that have been repaired for which the repair failed in the evening… It is not painful but I hope it will not impact my Houston trip!
Looking forward for a workshop week in Houston that is highly exciting and now I even see those travels positively and not as a heavy effort anymore :-).
I did 12 holes with my golf buddy on Saturday mixing both walking and driving a buggy and it all went well! Really glad to be able to do that again.

Week 17 2013: guess what! For the first time there was no wheelchair waiting for me at the plane’s door so I did walk the whole distance and did queue for 45 minutes and still felt ok after that… And believe me Houston terminals are huge! I am so happy I could do that. Rest of the week will be dependent on my resistance to jet lag!
Middle of the week and still up and running… Long days but early sleep and no non-sense helps to keep it up properly. Looks like we can go through and be up to spend quality time with family (my dad’s birthday) then one day in Luxembourg for Rotary District Assembly. Looking forward to being Saturday evening for a relaxing moment even if I am sure I will simply crash and fall asleep fairly quickly :-).
No assistance on my way back from Houston and the week-end has been cool and smooth. I feel stronger everyday and I hope it will keep going this way? One of my goals for next week is to play few holes with one of my sons but this time without buggy! If I can do that, I’ll be a happy man.

Week 18 2013: must say that this week was kind of a non-event as all went smoothly and the stamina is still there. The only perceivable down time was really during the bleeding on Friday as I was on the verge to collapse as I had to fast for the blood test… Bad stuff but a nice nurse kept me awake and made sure I did not collapse by offering her own biscuit :),
I am now expecting some results on Monday and hopefully I am still on a good path… I keep my fingers crossed as all always depends on this monthly appointment. Anyway we had great time with my wife and my parents in a good restaurant for my parents birthday celebration.

I would like to thank all of you who are sending me feedbacks one way or another as it is really encouraging and helps me a lot!

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