Chapter 26 Are we moving back to normal?

Sorry, I know I did not give news for more than a month now, please accept my apologies for this lack of discipline at my end. On the other hand it means that nothing dramatic happened :-).
As I mentioned in Chapter 25 I have to start living without corticoids. It may sound like a simple thing to achieve but… Even if it is hard to believe you kind of get addicted to corticoids and I was not running the Tour de France!

September and October have been really hard on me as I felt tired. It happened that my adrenal glands were not secreting steroid hormones yet. This means that we have two options, or to sit and wait they restart working or go for hydrocortisone which is basically temporarily replacing what my body should normally secrete.
This is for two to three months then we’ll stop these as I should be back to normal…

December will be, hopefully, my last bleeding as my Gamma GT and iron levels are back to normal and so is my liver. After this, my next appointments are in February then… May. What a journey since I used to go 3 times a week! I know I still need a couple of years to hear that all is ok but for the first time I really feel that I can reach the end of the tunnel… I lost more than 20 pounds and feel like I now can recognise my own body. It is so good to hear people letting me know that I look much healthier and they sound sincere!

On that positive note, I hope my December visit will prove me right being really optimistic!!!

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