Chapter 40 Over the 5 years cap!

here I am, one week before transplant fifth anniversary and three weeks before my monthly visit!!!

I feel a stress to reach that turning point. Looks like a major milestone to hit next week! This is why April will be really busy, France, England, Netherlands and great place to visit, sleep and eat! That will include a w-e in Brussels for my dad’s 80th birthday.

As nothing is simple, I have been diagnosed with flu and spent the last week between my bed and the hospital. But I must admit I now start to see the first positive results coming from the photopheresis… Skin is getting its flexibility back in some places and I can feel it 😀!

After the flu, even if still coughing a bit, I realise that this treatment starts to pay off… It is indeed time consuming but once again the doctors were right! That is so reassuring that I can see and feel a way forward…

I feel so blessed to have achieved this fifth anniversary and I can now think of the next ones! I take the opportunity to thank you all for your support and kind words as it helps me on a daily basis…

Next update to come will be in a couple of weeks when I get formal report from the annual tests… Still keep my fingers crossed that we’ll decrease the amount of medics I swallow on a daily basis!

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