Chapter 44 Still up (I guess)!

Last month has been challenging but yet rewarding!

The challenging bit has been some issues during photopheresis early June leading to a truncated treatment as one vein has been damaged and so I had to skip day 2 but it did not really impact the programme. My schedule being so hectic during the summer period that missing one day should not be an issue. All in all, I could manage my calendar to ply to the programme, have holidays and get my work and training done 😄.

Even if this treatment sounds or looks really heavy, at the end of the day human beings are so adaptable that I can now manage to work during treatment and feel ok when leaving hospital and realised that I could optimise their process for having the transfusion done quicker so that we spend minimum time waiting (sounds like LEAN to me)… So, if you think about it, I keep thinking that everything happens for a reason and even if I am perceived as a highly optimistic guy,I am also pragmatic and realise that I did refocus and can now better prioritise both at work and at home giving me the opportunity to better deliver both sides and not being subject to bad stress anymore 😱.

What about the rewarding bit? Just had my monthly visit with my haematologist and I may now stop my immune-suppressor and keep cortisone to a strict minimum and same for the antibiotics! We can see this as moving in the right direction! I definitely feel better but experience did show me to be reasonable as the castle may crumble fairly quickly for whatever reason… Nevertheless the glass is half-full and am looking forward to the next challenge.

To be continued!

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