Italy Rome Waldorf Astoria

I was there for the PMI EMEA 2017 congress and I did stay in this hotel… I must say that the experience was amazing.

As you can see below, the room, the terrace, the view were really nice. The food highly fresh and the Italian food as you dream it…

You can also see the conference facilities by looking at:

the professionalism is present at all levels and in all roles… a great place to have such a large event!

As you can see I also had the luxury to get fireworks when I arrived, luckily the weather was really nice and so I could work and do trainings in a great atmosphere and pampered by professionals.

The service is really top notch, nothing is missing and even if the hotel was full, you are being treated as a valued guest and there will always be someone to help you.

They also managed a free shuttle service to go downtown and so every hour you can go or come back… really practical and avoids you to drive or have an expensive taxi to go downtown and back.

Of course spa and swimming pool are available but I would regret the “non-access” to an executive lounge… they compensate with free breakfast instead… they were recognizing the Hilton Honor status somehow.

Really loved the experience and will definitely go back there with family later, clearly a must to enjoy the calm and the beauty of the place! A MUST…

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