Rotary Club Esneux-Aywaille 2016 BBQs summary

It stroke me that I did not create a post about our BBQs of 2016 with the club but only talked about some of the trips we had:

Thought it would be great while preparing the coming BBQ season to look back to the 2016 ones…

We started at my place and had a great time for Skylar’s farewell lunch with the host families, her Taiwanese friends 🙂 and Brodie our STEP (Rotary Short Term Exchange Program) from Ohio.
We have been lucky with the weather… hope we will be as lucky this year!

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The next BBQ was @ our treasurer where we had a really nice evening with great fun including interesting conversations about my time spent on taking pictures and tagging friends during our events! Great fun…

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Then we all met at my place (Immediate Past President and Youth Exchange Officer) for a lot of fun with members and spouses… Again fantastic fellowship nice food from  Le Normandie which used to be our meeting place for many years but is still a nice catering business.

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This is not all, after the one at my place, we moved to our President to enjoy homemade food, great moussaka, delicious salads and desserts! really nice club moments! we loved it!

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After these Saturday lunches, we moved to Friday evenings… starting with our president of honor and this one was the evening before our France Burgundy Gevrey-Chambertin trip… so a great warm-up session!

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We also had this lovely BBQ with our members on a Friday night and we really enjoyed that moment!

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YES we have high standards but sure 2017 will be as great as 2016 was!

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