France Paris Le Louvre

The aim of our short trip to Paris was also to visit Le Louvre and I must say, time well spent! Obviously it is impossible to visit the whole museum in one or even two days…

As I mentioned in my post about visiting the Eiffel Tower, it is crucial that you plan the visit and buy the tickets on the web to avoid a 2-3 hours queue in front of the entrance!

My favorites are Egyptology and major paintings… so clearly not disappointed here… As long as you like history, art or both this is a great place to visit!

I would suggest you book for a couple of days so that you can see most of it and still enjoy other parts of Paris nearby! For sure I will go and spend more time there to explore deeper the museum resources and go beyond what all tourists see in a one day visit!

One last quick point to talk about the food in the museum… they have around 15 places inside or outside to eat, we opted for the restaurant in the center close to the pyramid and it was actually quite ok… nothing to die for of course but eatable at a reasonable price for such a place. Usually they are far to expensive with the poorest price/quality ratio you can find!

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