France Nyons La Farigoule

This is not our first time in Nyons as we have been in the area on holidays a bunch of times now and as we were back with other rotarians, I took the opportunity to come back to Nyons but also to try La Farigoule as I really enjoyed the place…

This experience is following our meal in France Malaucène Le Pont de l’Orme while staying in France Buisson L’école Buissonnière.

Previously in TripAdvisor, I mentioned that: “Really nice place, indeed do not go there if in a hurry but am so glad I did check TripAdvisor and visited the place!

Nice people, flexible, appropriate service and deliver above expectations! The tradition menu at 25€ was a delight from foie gras to peach soup, all well balanced, tasty and fresh!

Go there folks, you won’t be disappointed!”

Now I must say that they are consistent and keep delivering great quality even if it is a touristic place but all my friends were delighted by the food and so still at at a reasonable price… Foie gras, Pasta au gratin, tarte Tatin au melon, fish and meat, all tasty and fresh!

This place is really suitable for all and both lunch and dinners, the crew is smiling and really there to help, advise and so in a natural good mood! I also take the opportunity to highlight the city itself which is beautiful and definitely worth visiting… this is the reason I added some pics of the old part of Nyons as well to provide some context to the nice experience we had there.

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