France Lyon Jérémy Galvan Restaurant

You may have read that we had already visited nice places Lyon to get good local experience:

We made the call to finish with a Michelin starred restaurant and we found Jérémy Galvan Restaurant which basically was still closed when we did the booking as we were walking by. Quite lucky actually as they were cleaning the place to be ready for the next day and we realised that the place was totally full!

The pictures are talking by themselves… we firstly decided to go for the 7 courses “Lacher prise” menu but after having tasted the amuse-bouche, we made the decision to go for the 9 courses instead! This decision was based on the quality of the amuses as they were just killing!

We appreciated the creativity of the chef as it was clearly more than just the items on the menu card but delights nicely presented, impeccable service with a smile and sense of humor, capable wine waiter who could find the right matches, fresh products and all this for a price matching the 1 Michelin star standards…

I have a bemol though… one unisex toilet is a bit too short when the place is full, it may sound trivial but this is a detail that marks people and some might be shocked by this… the other point but this is really minor… the painting job in the room has not been completed… another couple of hours of work and it would be completely finished… and for me to be complete, it would have been so nice if the chef would have said hi to his customers… I won’t mention the heat as it was clearly exceptional!

I really had to mention these but our experience has been fantastic and I really recommend the place as the quality is really up there and flawless, I would not hesitate to go back there and spend a long evening sipping good wine and taste the chef’s instinct as it is worth it!!! GO & ENJOY!

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