USA Houston MKT Bar

This one was ideally placed on our way from the parking to the Toyota Center to watch the Rockets vs. Spurs game… this is the ideal place for some food before a game… filling enough for such an event but no over the top quantity!

There is an “easy going” atmosphere and amazingly while I was expecting fast food type of meal, it ended up being casual, simple but tasty dishes.

There is a great variety of food and all of us could really enjoy our experience in the place. Nothing to highlight about the service, discrete and appropriate, not too noisy and familial atmosphere.

I would not go there for a romantic or calm dinner nor for a gastronomic experience but on my way to a game, no doubt! I will find what I need to be fed for the evening and get better quality than a usual fast food restaurant.

Under the above circumstances I do recommend :-).

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