Chapter 58 Mixed feelings and 2017 look back

Here we go… we are in 2018! It is the perfect time to reflect on 2017 and look at how we did progress on our usual fronts, starting with health which is still a hot topic for me.

In Chapter 54 Fun ahead I did show what photopheresis and scleroderma are and the fact that my treatment moved from fortnightly to monthly then in Chapter 56 Still on track with new pace? from monthly to bi-monthly and in Chapter 57 He Siri Are we there yet? the ultimate i.e. we stop the photopheresis treatment!
I am happy to mention in this chapter that it stabilized and no need to get back there for the time being as the remaining inconfort I still suffer from is to be considered a sequel of the disease and i should not hope for more improvements!
I won’t complain about this even if it is 75% of what I was but as you know I am positive and so I am 75% better than i could have become!!!


To be complete on the health side of things, what about the diabetes:
the diabetologist agreed in Chapter 56 Still on track with new pace? that my long term sugar level is under control with current treatment and so we’ll meet again in 6 months! We took the opportunity to stop the weekly injections but fortunately I did not claim victory as I am now back on it. My sugar level went through the roof without this treatment so…
In that same chapter you can also see that I lost a bit of weight as they removed a tumor from my left ear and took a part of it away 🙂


On the professional front, only good news there as my new challenge to live in The Hague and lead a new team including its expansion are still exciting me and i still have fun. That was a great delivery year…
Living in The Hague is definitely not so much of a challenge as it is all well organized and the people are helpful and professional… High 5 to my colleagues who helped me reading and understanding the different contracts making sure no bad surprises… and so i could buy my new apartment…

and I assume you have read some of the food experience you can have there:

From a Rotary perspective… Chapter 55 Photopheresis new pace first assessment did talk about 2 highlights, my second Paul Harris Fellow and the concert dinner for the AEC that was a success for three years in a row!
Chapter 57 He Siri Are we there yet? is showing some other great moments of this Rotary year like our BBQs, work with our Exchange Students, short and long term and other fun events.

so all in all a great 2017 with visible progress on all fronts and let’s only focus on the bright side of life!

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