The Netherlands the Hague Oker

I go there from time to time with colleagues and never been disappointed… I clearly recommend the steak Rossini and the duck but my colleagues also recommend the other dishes you may find on the pictures.

So in short all tested dishes were tasty, fresh and great quality!  The location on the other hand is a bit difficult as finding a parking spot for your car is almost mission impossible but can we blame the restaurant for that? Hell no!


I would like though to raise a point here about the service! Two actually, firstly I cannot understand when you as a well done beef (for health reason and clearly mentioned) you still get a medium rare piece of meat and secondly why is the service so slow e.g. 40 minutes to get chips with mayo…

Amazingly even if the place is full, believe it or not but it remains not too noisy as most of other restaurant in The Hague can be when it is crowded! So we enjoyed our dinner there.

I anyway recommend the place but please take my comments into account so that your expectations are well managed!

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