Belgium Beaufays La Dinette

We made the call with my Rotary Club to try La Dinette  and hmmm, some mixed feelings here. The zakouskis were great and have been taken outside as the weather was perfect and so we could nicely start at the front of the restaurant.

Then we came inside with our 30+ guests and there we realised that the set-up was suboptimal hence we had to make ourselves some modifications but they did not manage it well and so we ended up with guests sitting 50cm from an open french door that could make you fall +- 1m and hurt you badly.
On top of this, the room is really noisy, they sell it for 40 people but I can’t see this happening.

To stay on the logistic, we had a few presentations and the electricity installation could apparently not cope with kitchen, our projector and laptop…. So it stopped multiple times.

On the other hand, the food was ok (small complaint about my specific diet, announced in advance, bringing a simple slice of pâté was quite short) and the service fine considered the amount of people.

To be fair, I think that it would be great place for regular meetings but not for 30-40 people attendance, I am looking forward to trying again!

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