Japan 25th wedding anniversary Day 0 Journey to Tokyo

Of course we need to start somewhere this great trip taking us to multiple places in Japan…

One quicky, I will comment hotels and restaurants separately…


Isabelle and I are not alone in the taxi to Brussels airport, our young one Yael is joining us as he is going to Ohio to visit his friend Brodie and have some fun there! I am fairly sure I won’t be made aware of half they will do in these 10 days!


Once Yael left us to get his flight after waiting a while we could check in as well, buy another power bank and make our move to the lounge to relax before the 10 hours flight to Bangkok.

As mentioned in Facebook, the flight was eventless, the food was great, service up to par but the business seats “cocoons” are not easy to get out from or get back in once in flat bed mode and I am 1.76m tall… I don’t recommend for my Dutch friends…

Despite this little size potential issue, flight quality is top and the curtesy from the Thai Airways staff on the ground and in the sky is to be highlighted.

After these 10 hours of eat & sleep we landed in Bangkok and moved straight to the lounge to get some drinks and keep walking as the flight to Tokyo was in 90 minutes…

I was amazed to see how fast you can board everybody in a A380, those folks are really well organised and the 6 hours flight was comparable to the 10 hours before i.e. size issue and i forgot to mention an amazingly poor movies’ selection available on the entertainment system… helped me to sleep well!

Once landed we faced a flawless well organised immigration control those guys know what LEAN means, in no time I got my visa and my bags were checked, my luggage was already on the carousel! No waiting time at all!

Now our last leg, the one I was the most in doubt about… how to reach the hotel…? We opted for the Airport Limousine Bus and again on time at the minute and reached our hotel without a glitch… efficiency from the driver to the luggage carrier! I recommend this method, 2800 Yen per person from Narita to Odaiba… easy and reliable!

Then we checked in in our hotel and got to walk around then room service and get ready to day 1.


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