The UK Great Milton Belmond Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons

I will start with two words that will obviously translate the experience in BELMOND LE MANOIR AUX QUAT’SAISONS: WOAW & Yummy!

The purpose of this trip was twofold, my older son graduating from Oxford Brookes as MEng and my mum 80th birthday 🙂


So, first of all, the hotel… you can see the first set of pictures demonstrating the exclusivity of the place, the beauty, luxury and calm you can enjoy… you are treated as guests in the best sense of that word i.e. a person who is invited to visit someone’s home or attend a particular social occasion, a person staying at a hotel or guest house.

You feel at home and being served with a smile and a true feeling of being considered as visiting someone’s home. The rooms are classy, decorated with taste without extravagance and functionally impeccable! Really not one item to complain about.

The life in the hotel is soft, slow, relax and allows you to feel like you can live at your own pace and this is for me the definition of luxury, feeling like we have the hotel for my family and get what you want when you want it…


As visible in a previous pic, I had the opportunity to make a picture with Raymond Blanc, I must say that from a gastronomy perspective, it was simply exquisite and so including simple items like lunches we had in a salon and the breakfasts that where perfect and I am not easy to please… The food was definitely a highlight!

As the pics are showing, the dinner was hitting the marks of a Michelin two stars with attention to details, quality and freshness of the food and execution of the meals, service taking also care of the reasons of our presence. Nothing was missed and I take the opportunity to say thank you to all working there as they did a brilliant job to have us a great experience.


The last part of the story is the wonderful park AND vegetable garden… you can see here the sculptures decorating the area and the fantastic landscaping… you can easily spend one hour just walking around and relaxing while looking at all the different vegetables you will eat later in the day or just enjoy the landscape and the quietness of the place!


I know your question… How expensive was it?
Considering you are near Oxford in a Five stars luxury hotel hosting a two Michelin stars restaurant, it was a spot-on price, no complaint about the price-quality ratio!

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