Sweet Chapter 60

He comes the quarterly update about my life and my health… this title is meaningful this time… Indeed even if my GvH is leaving me alone for the time being (keeping my fingers crossed), my diabetes is now a permanent part of my life and confirmed by my specialist!

I am now learning how to live with that one new component of my life… I already integrated my medics, my scleroderma and now fine-tuning my insuline intake so still lots of fun ahead.
I have to thank my specialist who explained me clearly that my objectives were the wrong ones i.e. stop fighting against the insuline intake and reduce it but fight against the disease, the hyperglycemia so take the insuline you need to get the sugar level down… this is the only way!

Having that in mind helps me know to have a more peaceful way of approaching diabetes and get it integrated in my life… For the rest, am doing fine and life keeps going and I am so happy to hear friends or colleagues sharing with me that my positivism and optimism is exemplar and may help to step back and get priorities right!

Anyway… now what happened in the last quarter… clearly it is another eventful period of my life and I thank all who are mart of my journey and keep supporting me!

Some nice restaurants:

and this time… honestly all are nice opportunities and my level of enthusiasm is readable in each post 😉

Some cool places:

So you can see that BBQ have been going on with friends and Exchange students including the visit of a former YEP from South Africa (good old Robert) and ou friend Pablo… Two graduations this year, Thomas from Oxford Brookes as MEng and Yaël completing his High School ready for University…

Ooops I forgot:

  • Rotary Club Installation Dinner
  • AEC and MUCO charity dinner
  • Wedding of a good friend
  • An executive training in London
  • Week-end in London with friends including touristy visits 😉
  • Visit Berlin and meet an old friend in the street near check-point Charly
  • Have a great w-e with colleagues including BBQ at home 🙂

So a life still full of events, changes and fun! More to come in Chapter 61 and hopefully still on the positive side!!!

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