Chapter 61 Long due!

I know, no real news since mid-July 2018! This is unacceptable from myself as so much happened including from a health perspective! Things happened on the health front, personal and others as well, a few pages have been turned in the last 7 months.

Let’s start with the health. as mentioned Sweet Chapter 60 my GvH is still a painful souvenir and stayed away since October 2017 and believe me I keep my fingers crossed it remains that way! On the other hand the diabetes is still there and not ready to go away… the message is clear, it is there to stay! It is tough as I really need to change my way of life and due to my life style it becomes urgent that I work on it… more sport and less sugar should do the trick so i started to be more serious about this for the last few months!

Still about health but on the verge of my business life, I got the green light to visit my team in Bangalore and that is a great victory for me to hear my hematologist telling me that I may fly again to India! That means to me that I am getting closer to normal i.e. I have to live with what remains from my scleroderma and a diabetes that I have to get under control and keep going with my new body but keeping being positive!

Still on the personal front, a big page has been turned as my old son is now moving out the house to fly on his own! He did get his dream job in Mahindra Racing as engineer and is now living in Banbury, Oxfordshire. I am so excited for him to get what he wanted and still so young but so driven after having delivered hard work!!!

Another page I turned was to go from:




my sons would tell you that I did buy a mid-life crisis toy but hell it is fun to get such a ride!

Another page I turned was my move from my Rotary Club Esneux-Aywaille in my home town to the Rotary Club The Hague Metropolitan which is a great energetic club with weekly speakers, projects to help communities who need support and also strong fellowship. I have been thinking about it for more than twelve months now and made my decision based on the lack of enthusiasm and ambition to do my move and am glad I did.


As you may imagine, I have been in a few restaurants since we met in such an update:

Ok also a few new hotels and check these as you will also find fine restaurants :-):

So indeed I went places these last months and met plenty of great people and got my life changed!

Thanks to all of you making my life a better life to live! Who knows, some more pages can turn soon!!!

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