Japan 25th wedding anniversary Day 7 Nikko

Now we are back on track for a long day of visits and walk in hot weather where really little shadow available… not complaining as it help keeping my sugar level low 😉
I did not know yet that my guide booked 10km and 33 floors to climb on that day!

First of all it was our first using a Shinkansen and that in itself was a brilliant experience in terms of safety, cleanliness, accuracy, space and simplicity.

We have a lot to learn from the way public transport are organised and integrated between trains, underground, buses and even taxis… all seamless, simple and easy to use because everybody is on time and reliable!

Once we arrived then WOW for the rest of the day… check this, shrines and temples!

One quick advice though… take the bus from Nikko station to the temples because my experience confirms there is nothing to be seen between these two points!

It is so much walk and stairs you will deserve what you will see hence no need to waste energy going to the start of the walk…

This is also on this day we experienced the tempura counter at Hilton Odaiba. Really great experience too so a full day!

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