Japan 25th wedding anniversary Day 8 Kamakura

After such a great day 7 in Nikko, you would think Isabelle would be done with temples and shrines but forget about that idea! We were gone again for climbing 22 floors and walk 8 km…

Our goal was Kamakura or the cradle of the Samurais! You have already read in a previous post about the bullet trains and their quality so let’s focus on the visits.

We spent the morning visiting two gorgeous temples, a bamboo forest and got macha tea prepared in a small tea house in the bamboos.

And before a quick lunch, we visited another temple downtown Kamakura!

Just after quick food, we visited the temple with the biggest Japanese outdoor Buddha, really impressive, it forces humility and respect!

We finished Kamakura’s visit with a nice Japanese garden.

Again use public transport here as all is well organised to go from place to another easily and at low price…

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